Monday, June 3, 2013

Saturday OPG event photos

Saturday events began with breakfast,
followed up with an open portfolio session.
There was a lot of great work to look at!


Members of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society
were next on the agenda with a brief talk
from Lou Kroner, and more great book arts to look at.


The last event of the day was a demo/print session
by Rachel Heberling using the
saline-sulfate etch.
Participants had the opportunity to draw their image 
on a small zinc plate, then etch and print the plate.

And here are a few of the prints produced during the session!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday night OPG event photos

The Ohio Print Gathering is over!!
A huge 'thank you" to everyone who volunteered to help, 
as well as all of the folks who 
traveled far and wide to attend. We had artists
from Zygote Press (Cleveland), Phoenix Rising (Columbus),
and the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative who attended,
in addition to lots of local people.

Our first event of the night was a visit
to the studio of the multi-talented Jay Bolotin.
No photos were allowed inside, but
Jay talked a bit about his work and showed
his current video project..great stuff!


Next we headed over to Brian Stuparyk's
SteamWhistle Letterpress and design shop
where attendees were able to print
a fun letterpress takeaway poster.


Then we were off to the Art Academy of Cincinnati
for the opening of 
Prints for Peace and Justice,
the first juried print competition 
organized by Tiger Lily Press.
It's an excellent show, and will be up
until June sure to check it out
if you're in Cincinnati!

David Umbenhour was the winner of
the Director's Choice award.


 Our last event of the evening was
a visit to Mark Patsfall's
Clay Street Press. Mark had a huge
variety of print portfolios that he's created. many incredible prints to look at!

If you'd like to see more photos from Friday night,
check us out on Facebook here.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Clay Street Press

Mark Patsfall at Clay Street Press, photo by Eric R. Greiner

Another event featured on Friday night's
schedule (8:30- 10:00 PM) for the Ohio Print Gathering is a visit

Owned and operated by Mark Patsfall
Clay Street Press was founded in 1981, and moved
to the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in 1986.
The Press has worked with many local, national,
and international artists
 in producing fine art prints and multiples.

Mark will select prints from his collection for a print viewing,
give an overview of the facilities
 and discuss the prints on view in the gallery:

In, Out and in Between:
works by Robert Krumholz, Emily Sites, 
Alice Hopkins and BunkNews.

You can read more about Mark Patsfall & Clay Street Press here.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Steam Whistle Letterpress and Design

One of the fun things planned for 
Friday night (5:45 - 6:45 PM) at the Ohio Print Gathering
is a tour of 
owned and operated by Brian Stuparyk.

After years of collecting presses and type, 
Brian opened his shop, located in the 
Over-The-Rhine neighborhood in January, 2012.

Print co-op members will be able to
actively participate in printing
a takeaway keepsake of the
weekend's symposium.

You can read more about Brian 
and his shop in this article
recently printed in the
Over-The-Rhine blog:

Here's a pic of Brian spiffing up the old
Vandercook proof press at Tiger Lily Press.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Signs, Buttons and Bags!

We had our final planning meeting last night
for the Ohio Print Gathering...
it'll be here soon, and we hope to see you all there!!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

RSVP & Hotel Info

Don't forget, if you're planning on 
joining us at the Ohio Print Gathering,
please RSVP to Theresa to let her know
that you'll be attending:

Thanks to a grant from 
The Ohio Arts Council, there is no 
charge to register, or for any of the events.

There is a charge for lunch on Saturday,
$7.00 per person, payable
when lunch is served.
Please let Theresa know if 
you'll want lunch, as well as
if your co-op members will be participating
in the group printing on Saturday.

The Kingsgate Marriott is the designated hotel
for the event. It's located in the 
University of Cincinnati area.

The hotel has a block of rooms set aside for us
at the rate of $139 per night.
When making reservations, mention
"Ohio Arts Council" for the reduced rate.
This rate and block of rooms is
available until May 10th.
Reservations made after that date are subject
to availability.

The Ohio Print Gathering schedule
has been updated with more detailed info,
and can be viewed a few posts down,
or a printable version
is located on the right side bar.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Get Grounded" filing party!

 One of the many fun events we have scheduled
for the Ohio Print Gathering is a chance
for the attendees to try out the 
less toxic saline-sulfate etch on a small zinc plate.
The group etching/printing will take place 
on Saturday, June 1 from 1 pm - 3 pm.

A few nights ago, we had a filing party
to get those fifty 3" X 4" plates
beveled, degreased, and coated with ground!!
Whew, we got them all done in record time,
and they are ready!

The plates are for Ohio co-op members only, but others
are welcome to stay, watch and socialize.
Bring a sketch, preferably on tracing paper.

To reserve your place, please RSVP to Theresa at:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Event Schedule for The Ohio Print Gathering

The complete schedule for the upcoming
 Ohio Print Gathering 
is now available!

Be sure to check out all of the great events
 by clicking on the right sidebar link for a
 PDF version of the schedule,
which includes hotel info & directions.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Friday, May 31 Events

Beginning at 4:30 pm
Queensgate & historic Over-the-Rhine district, Cincinnati

1117 Harrison Ave., Cincinnati 45214
Tiger Lily Press is proud to initiate the Print Gathering with a tour of multi-talented
Jay Bolotin: visual artist, writer, musician, set designer and filmmaker.
Bolotin will walk us through the process and ideas behind his current projects and
illustrate how past print portfolios have been translated into further work,
including a stage set and operatic performance, and a motion picture made 
from woodcuts.
He may also show test sequences from his current motion picture
and the series of prints and drawings on which it is based.

1342 Main St., Cincinnati 45202
Brian Stuparyk, founder of Steam Whistle Letterpress and Design, will open
his shop in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood near downtown Cincinnati.
Visitors will tour the studio's collection of carefully restored vintage letterpress
equipment and be able to actively take part in printing a take-away
keepsake of the weekend's symposium.

Awards Presentation 7:15 PM
The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St., Cincinnati 45202
Chidlaw Gallery
Ohio printmakers' responses to the theme of peace and justice, juried by
Kristin Spangenberg, the Cincinnati Art Museum's Curator of Prints, along with the
SOS Art 2013 opening and a visit to the Art Academy printmaking studios.

1312 Clay Street, Cincinnati 45202
Founded in 1981, Clay Street Press specializes in printing small edition
hand pulled prints. Director, Mark Patsfall, and the printers at Clay Street Press,
have collaborated with artists  from all over the world; Ik-Joong Kang, Vito Acconci,
Richard Hamilton, Julia Wachtel, Carolee Scheeman, and Nam June Paik, to name a few.

Saturday, June 1 Events

Beginning at 9:00 am
Tiger Lily Press, Price Hill, Cincinnati

Dunham Rec. Center, Rose Room
Coffee, tea, juice, bagels, fresh fruit and yogurt will be provided outside the Open Portfolio
session in Dunham's Rose Room.

Dunham Rec. Center, Rose Room
Members from the Ohio Printmaking Co-ops will show current portfolios
of their work.

Dunham Rec. Center, Rose Room
CBAS is an organization comprised of professionals and amateurs from all 
quarters of the book, paper and printing arts.
Members of CBAS will bring an array of work from their collections
for viewing and discussions.

Tiger Lily Press
TLP members Rachel Heberling and Rick Finn will share their research on the
latest developments with the less toxic method of saline sulfate etching.

LUNCH, Noon - 1:00 PM
Tiger Lily Press
Share a meal and your thoughts on 'what's next' for the Ohio Print Co-ops. Directors,
board members, and anyone interested will gather for a lunch meeting on the subject.
Others are welcome to find a spot outdoors, or throughout the building.
PLEASE RSVP to Theresa if you would like TLP to provide you with lunch for $7.00.

GROUP PRINTING, 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Tiger Lily Press
Instead of just looking at and watching art being made we are actually going to get down and dirty together. Forty co-op members will be able to draw on, etch and print their own
3" X 4" zinc plate using the saline-sulfate method. Bring a sketch, preferably on tracing paper.
Plates are for co-op members only, but others are welcome to stay, watch & socialize.
YOU MUST RSVP to Theresa to reserve your spot!