Monday, June 3, 2013

Saturday OPG event photos

Saturday events began with breakfast,
followed up with an open portfolio session.
There was a lot of great work to look at!


Members of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society
were next on the agenda with a brief talk
from Lou Kroner, and more great book arts to look at.


The last event of the day was a demo/print session
by Rachel Heberling using the
saline-sulfate etch.
Participants had the opportunity to draw their image 
on a small zinc plate, then etch and print the plate.

And here are a few of the prints produced during the session!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday night OPG event photos

The Ohio Print Gathering is over!!
A huge 'thank you" to everyone who volunteered to help, 
as well as all of the folks who 
traveled far and wide to attend. We had artists
from Zygote Press (Cleveland), Phoenix Rising (Columbus),
and the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative who attended,
in addition to lots of local people.

Our first event of the night was a visit
to the studio of the multi-talented Jay Bolotin.
No photos were allowed inside, but
Jay talked a bit about his work and showed
his current video project..great stuff!


Next we headed over to Brian Stuparyk's
SteamWhistle Letterpress and design shop
where attendees were able to print
a fun letterpress takeaway poster.


Then we were off to the Art Academy of Cincinnati
for the opening of 
Prints for Peace and Justice,
the first juried print competition 
organized by Tiger Lily Press.
It's an excellent show, and will be up
until June sure to check it out
if you're in Cincinnati!

David Umbenhour was the winner of
the Director's Choice award.


 Our last event of the evening was
a visit to Mark Patsfall's
Clay Street Press. Mark had a huge
variety of print portfolios that he's created. many incredible prints to look at!

If you'd like to see more photos from Friday night,
check us out on Facebook here.